Cancelling an IONOS Contract

If you would like to cancel one of your IONOS contracts, simply log in to the Contract Service and disable the contract auto-renewal option.

  • Log in to the Contract Service with your IONOS Customer ID and password.
    Forgot your password? We explain how you can assign a new one in the article Change Your IONOS password.
  • If you have more than one contract, click on the contract you would like to cancel.
  • In the Update auto-renewal setting panel, click Next.
  • Click Change Automatic Renewal Settings.
  • Select a reason for the cancellation and click Continue to turn off automatic renewal.
  • Review the listed impacts related to contract cancellation, and if you are ready to continue, check the box labeled I am aware of the effects of the deactivation of automatic renewal.
  • Finally, click Turn off automatic renewal now.

Auto-renewal for your contract has now been disabled. The date that your contract will expire will be displayed after the final step.

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