If you no longer need your IONOS SSL Certificate, you can cancel it using the Contract Service.

The Contract Service conveniently allows you to terminate your contract or add-on features online at any time.

Please Note

If you want to cancel a IONOS SSL package, please follow the steps in the article Cancellation of a IONOS Hosting Contract instead.

  • Log in to the Contract Service with your IONOS Customer ID and password.
  • In the overview, select the contract that contains the SSL certificate you want to cancel. If you have several contracts, you can also search for the contract by entering a domain name in that contract.
  • Check the box for Cancel Individual Domains and/or Additional Articles and click Next.
  • Select the SSL certificate to be cancelled by checking the appropriate box and choose the time of cancellation. Then, click Next.
  • Help us improve our products and services and let us know why you want to cancel, or click directly on Next. A summary of the notice order is displayed.
  • Please check the information for accuracy. You can change the settings at any time by pressing Back. If you want to continue with the cancellation, click Next.

    The SSL certificate will be marked for cancellation, and an email with an activation link will be sent to your contact email address.
  • Activate the cancellation by clicking the link contained in the email.
Please Note

If you do not activate the cancellation within 14 days, your cancellation request will not be enacted.

Need to cancel an entire contract?

If you want to cancel an entire contract, please read the article Cancelling a IONOS Webhosting Contract.