Understanding Your IONOS Invoice

We show you the most important components of an IONOS invoice using an example. Our invoices are all similar in structure.

In the top-right section, you can find the invoice date, the invoice number, the contract ID/number, and your Customer ID. Please provide us with your Customer ID in case you contact support so that we can quickly and easily identify your account.

Products/Services Overview

Below you can see the product or feature breakdown of your package, the billing date of your package, and any additional features you may have added.

  • Service: This column shows the name of the product/feature being billed and the billing period covered by this invoice.
  • Unit Price: This column shows the amount being billed per usage cycle. Depending on the contract, billing can vary from monthly to annually.
  • Units: This displays the number of units of time being billed in this invoice, typically shown in the number of months.
  • Taxable Portion: This displays the portion of your Total (Unit Price multiplied by Units) that is relevant for applicable taxes.
  • Total: The total (gross) price shows how much is owed when you multiply Unit Price by Units (Monthly fee times the number of months billed).
  • IONOS Discount: If applicable, this item shows any valid discounts that have been applied. Additionally, the discount period is specified.

Selected Payment Method

Please take note of your selected payment method that is referenced on the invoice. In this example, it is a credit/debit card.

Viewing Invoices

You can view your invoices at any time on the Invoices & Payment Details page in the "My Account" section and download them as PDF files. We will also display information here in case of a declined payment attempt.

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