Next Steps After Filing DMCA Counter-Notice with IONOS

Disclaimer: The information provided by IONOS Inc on this Web site is offered only as a general information service to the public. Because each issue or situation is different and unique, each person should seek their own legal advice for that particular situation from competent legal counsel.

You will receive a confirmation from IONOS that we have received your notice and we will then forward your notice to the complaining party. Under the DMCA and safe harbor provisions IONOS is required to suspend your account for at least 10 business days. During this time, the complaining party must respond with a legal action (lawsuit) against you. If IONOS does not receive proof that a lawsuit has been filed against you, we may reinstate the account or, if you have removed the materials yourself, you may return them to the website. Of course, if the materials are in fact infringing you will still be liable for copyright infringement.