Next Steps After Receiving a DMCA Notice

Disclaimer: The information provided by IONOS Inc on this website is offered only as a general information service to the public. Because each issue or situation is different and unique, each person should seek their own legal advice for that particular situation from competent legal counsel.

You must remove the identified material within the time period provided in your email notice, typically 24 hours, or IONOS reserves the right to suspend your account without further notice.

Please note that the receipt of a notice does not mean that IONOS believes that you have infringed on the complaining party's copyright. Under the DMCA, IONOS is required to forward the notice and disable access to the content (if you don't do so yourself), whether IONOS agrees with the notice or not.

To ensure that you retain access to your account and your files, you should remove the content even if you do not believe you are infringing on the other party's copyright.

If you do believe you have received the DMCA Notice in error, you will need to fill out the DMCA Counter Notice Form and send it to IONOS's Designated Agent, preferably via email, to