Resolving a Domain Name Dispute

The information provided by IONOS Inc on this website is offered only as a general information service to the public. Because each issue or situation is different and unique, each person should seek their own legal advice for that particular situation from competent legal counsel.

As a general rule, domain name disputes are handled through the UDRP or other domain name resolution policies "Third-Party Registrars" to which IONOS and its customers have agreed upon the opening of an account with IONOS. Those domain name disputes must be resolved using those official dispute resolution policies. IONOS cannot and will not substitute its judgment for ICANN's, and will not attempt to determine whether a particular domain name infringes on a trademark or other intellectual property right, whether before, during, or after registration. IONOS may, in its discretion, lock the account associated with a particular domain name upon receipt of a notice of a domain name dispute.