Google Workspace Scope of Support

Our goal is to ensure the reliability of your Google Workspace packages provided by IONOS and provide assistance with all IONOS interfaces, products, and your questions.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance at any time. The representative will determine the feasibility of your request and provide a cost estimate for services outside of the regular scope of support (if applicable).

Services Included Out-of-Scope
Ordering and cancelling Google Workspace licenses  
Helping you separate your domain from non-Google Workspace email formats  
Connecting your domain with Google Workspace  
Helping you re-enter Google Workspace DNS records if necessary  
Providing public identifiers for transfer from Google's version of Google Workspace  
Explaining how to save and evaluate an email header  
Troubleshooting security incidents around your mailbox (suspected hacking, phishing or mail spoofing)  
Assisting with questions about mailbox storage size  
Helping create, edit, and delete email addresses within the Google control panel  
Helping with general email usage within the Google control panel  
Setting up Google Workspace in any third-party email client (Outlook, smart phones, etc.)  
Changing passwords  
Questions specific to Google programs, i.e. (Google documents)  
Provisioning of mail logs  
Assistance with HIPAA compliance