Protecting Your Website with SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology for encrypted transmission of data over the Internet. SSL lets you protect the data transmitted between your website and your visitors from unwanted readers.

You can easily recognize encrypted websites by a padlock in the browser's address bar. Many customers prefer encrypted websites or online shops. Even search engines, such as Google, rate encrypted websites better than unencrypted ones. Activating SSL can therefore have a positive impact on your ranking on Google.

Activating an SSL Certificate for MyWebsite

Activate your SSL certificate now for your MyWebsite and protect your website by encryption.

Activating an SSL Certificate for MyWebsite

Activating an SSL Certificate for Managed WordPress

Show visitors to your website that you give security a high priority. Your 1&1 IONOS contract includes a free SSL certificate with powerful 256 bit encryption. This ensures the best possible protection when transferring data.

Activating an SSL Certificate for Managed WordPress Website

Activating SSL Certificate for Any Domain

You can easily set up your personal 1&1 IONOS SSL certificate (SSL Starter/SSL Business/SSL Premium) in your 1&1 IONOS. Once set up, the SSL certificate will be issued to the desired domain, and then installed in your webspace and automatically activated.

Setting Up an SSL Certificate Managed By 1&1 IONOS