Create Registration Forms in E-Mail Marketing

In this article, we'll show you how to offer customers and other interested parties registration forms with which they can subscribe to your newsletter in accordance with the requirements of data protection laws.

Please Note

After a customer has subscribed to your newsletter via the registration form, they will first receive an automatic email in which the registration must be confirmed. Without this confirmation, the registration is not complete and the customer will not receive a newsletter until the confirmation is received.

Guided Steps

  • After logging in to IONOS, select Online Marketing > Email Marketing.
  • Under Contacts > Subscription Widget , click the Design New Widget button.
  • On the Widget Type page, select Built-in Widget if you want the subscription form to appear permanently on your web page.
  • On the Design Widget page, first set the parameters of your registration form:

    Widget Name: Assign a custom name. You only need this for internal purposes
    Add to contact list Decide in which of your contact lists incoming registrations should be saved.
    Widget Language: Set the language you want to use in your registration form.
    Fields and messages: Decide what content to request in your registration form and what content to use to confirm a notification.
  • Under Create your widget, adjust the layout and text content of your registration form and click Next.
  • Check your entries under Widget Summary and click on Save Widget.

The code for your registration form is now ready. Copy it and place it in the desired location on your website.

Please Note

We recommend that you do not ask for too much information. The easier it is for interested parties to register, the more likely it is that the registration will be completed.
On the other hand, you may be foregoing personalization options - you cannot address your recipients by name in the newsletter if you have not asked for this beforehand.