Sender Reputation

Sender reputation is an element that is crucial to the success of your campaigns. It evaluates the technical part of your Email Marketing. A poor sender reputation can cause your emails to be delayed or not delivered at all. Sender reputations are taken into account by Internet service providers to protect your customers' inboxes from unwanted emails.

The sender reputation is made up of three values:

  • IP-Reputation: Determines the quality of an e-mail transmission based on the sending IP address. It evaluates the past performance with criteria such as undeliverability, botnet affiliation or repeated spam sendings.
  • Domain Reputation: Like IP reputation. However, the sending domain is evaluated.
  • Content Reputation: Evaluates the content of the email and determines the sender's trustworthiness. Negative criteria are e.g. links to fraudulent websites or attached viruses.


Limitations in the Email Marketing tool

For users of the Email Marketing tool, there are limits at the beginning on the maximum number of emails that can be sent. This is to protect you from a bad sender reputation due to accidental misuse.

In article What can I do if I am blocked? you will find the answers and tips on how to avoid limitations on the blocking of your campaign.