No matter what you want to implement online, the IONOS Agency Partner Network will find the right service provider (partner) for you. After you have chosen a partner registered at IONOS, you can grant them access to your IONOS account.

Finding a Partner

Guided Steps
  • Open the IONOS Agency Partner Network.
  • Narrow down the results using the options in the search bar to find the right partner.
  • Click the View Partner Profile button to get more details about them.
  • Click the Contact now button in the detail view to send the partner the most important details about your project free of charge and without any obligation.

Once the partner has received your request, he can send you an approval request for full or partial access to your IONOS account. Approvals facilitate the collaboration between you and your contractor. For more details on releases, see the article Differences Between Full and Partial Access.

Simplifying Partner Selection

To make it easier for you to choose a partner, IONOS has created Partner Levels. These partners are characterized by particularly high quality and customer interaction.

On the IONOS Agency Partner Network Overview page, these partners have purple Premium logos. In the detailed view, you can find the Partner Level participation logo in the header line to the right of the partner name.

Would you like to become a partner yourself? You can find all of the most important information in the article Partner Portal - The First Steps.

Shortening the Request Process

You can use your IONOS account to expedite the request to the partner you selected. To do this, open the partner detail view by clicking the View Partner Profile > Login and Access Authorization link on the partner's tile in the IONOS Agency Partner Portal.

After logging in to your IONOS account, you can directly grant full or partial access to the specific partner. If you already assigned access permissions, you can change the settings using the Manage Access Rights link in the partner's overview.