Management of SSL Certificates in the Control Panel

Looking for help with setting up your SSL Certificate? We show you how to activate your SSL certificate and convert your website to HTTPS in the article Secure Your Website with SSL Encryption

In this article, we'll show you how to manage your SSL certificate, whether you want to assign your SSL certificate to another domain or have it reissued. In the SSL Management section of your account, you're able to view information about your certificate and find out about how it is currently set up.

  • Open the Domains & SSL section of your IONOS account.

    Log In and Open Domains & SSLOpen Domains & SSL

  • In the Portfolio tile under SSL Certificates, click Manage.
  • Click on the SSL certificate you want to manage to display the certificate settings.

  • Select the desired option.

Unassign the SSL Certificate

If you no longer need SSL encryption for your domain, want to change the certificate type, or use the SSL Certificate with another domain, you can unassign it.


This option is only available for SSL Certificates Managed by IONOS.

Please Note

If you unassign it, you will no longer be able to access website content over HTTPS for that domain. Therefore, if your visitors are automatically redirected to the HTTPS website, they will no longer be able to reach your website.

Reissue the SSL Certificate

You can reissue your SSL certificate at any time. This is necessary, for example, if you want to use an SSL certificate that was previously used with a IONOS## website for your own server in the future.

  • Use the certificate with my IONOS website: The certificate is reissued and used to secure your IONOS website. You will not be able to download the certificate afterwards.
  • Use the certificate with your own server: The certificate will be reissued and you can download the private and public key to install the certificate personally on a server where you have root access.

Reassign the SSL Certificate

You can reassign an SSL certificate to another domain in your web hosting package 30 days after the last assignment. The prerequisite for this is that the other domain uses the IONOS name servers.

Reassigning an SSL Certificate to Another Domain

  • This option is only available for IONOS-Managed SSL Certificates.
  • The SSL Starter Wildcard certificate included in each package can be reassigned to another domain at any time - the 30-day rule does not apply here.

Reissuing an SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate can be reissued a maximum of 6 times per year. After a new SSL certificate has been issued, the old SSL certificate must be revoked.

Note: The newly issued certificate remains valid for the remaining term of the original certificate.

Re-issuing an SSL Certificate

Revoking an Old Certificate

After a new SSL Certificate is issued, it is recommended that you revoke the old certificate. As long as you have not revoked the old certificate, you cannot have it reissued.

Revoking an Old SSL Certificate

Please Note

The SSL Starter Wildcard certificate included in each package can be reissued at any time and as often as you want.

Downloading the SSL Certificate

If you install your SSL certificate manually on your server, you can use this link to download the SSL certificate file.

Download SSL certificate files

Please Note

This option is only available for User-managed SSL Certificates.

Downloading the Intermediate Certificate

If you manually install your SSL certificate on your server, you can use this link to download the intermediate certificate, which is normally also required.

Download SSL certificate files

Please Note

This option is only available for User-managed SSL Certificates.

Changing the Validation Method

As long as the SSL certificate has the status Setup is in progress, the validation method can be changed in the Advanced Settings section. To do this, click Change Validation Method.

  • Domain Validation via File check: This method automatically creates a temporary file in your webspace that contains the authentication token required for validation. It does not affect the functionality of your website, which is the default method for web hosting, MyWebsite, and Online Store contracts.
  • Domain Validation via DNS record: This method automatically creates atemporary DNS TXT record that is used by the certificate authority for authentication. The functionality of your website is not affected.
  • Domain Validation by Email: If you use this method, our partner DigiCert (GeoTrust) will send a confirmation email to the hostmaster address of the domain (hostmaster@domain.tld). The certificate request must then be approved using the link contained in the email. Using email authentication, SSL certificates can also be issued for domains that are managed in another IONOS account or registered with another provider.
  • The SSL Starter Wildcard certificateincluded in packages does not support domain validation by email.
  • To use DNS or file-based authentication, your domain must use the IONOS name servers (this is the default).
  • To use file-based authentication, the domain must be connected to an IONOS application or the webspace of the package.