One of the most important ways to secure the data exchange between a server and a computer (client) accessing it is the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This allows data to be exchanged securely between computers without being read by third parties.

The SSL certificates offered by IONOS are issued by the certification authorityDigiCert. The SSL certificate verifies the authenticity and integrity of the website, via cryptographic procedures.

The Advantages of SSL Encryption
  • Data Security: Data transmission to and from your visitors is safe and protected
  • Increased Trustworthiness: Your visitors recognize the security icon in the browser's address bar
  • IONOS 1-Click Installation: Fast and easy installation
  • Strong Encryption: 256-bit SSL encryption
How do I recognize SSL secured pages?
  • If the URL of the page contains https:// instead of http://, then the page was loaded with an SSL-secured connection.
  • Most browsers also display a padlock symbol to indicate encrypted content. Click on the icon to view more information about the encryption.

Please note: With this method you can only recognize whether the page itself was loaded over a secure connection. However, it is possible that content of the page was loaded via an insecure connection. Newer versions of browsers now make this transparent with a separate icon in place of the padlock icon. Click the icon for more information.