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For Dedicated Server and Cloud Server with Linux

Virtually all Linux distributions include package management to update software installed on the system or install missing programs. A uniform standard has not been established, so that handling can vary greatly between different distributions.

Here we have listed some distributions and their package management systems:

Debian and Ubuntu Linux

Debian and the derived Ubuntu Linux use Aptitude to manage packages.

Application examples:

yum check-update
yum update
yum upgrade
yum install <Paketname>
yum remove <Paketname>


For more information about YUM, see:



SuSe Linux

With SuSE Linux you can use the program YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) to configure the system and also to install and update the packages.


Application examples:

yast -i <Paketname>
yast --update <Paketname>
yast --remove <Paketname>


For more information about YaST, see: