Recognizing a Real IONOS Email

You can check the authenticity of all emails that you receive from us by looking for various identifying features. Additionally, we have a Validation Service you can use to check suspicious emails.

    General Characteristics

    Pay attention to the following characteristics for all emails from IONOS:

    • The correct URL (domain) of IONOS is used.

      Please note: This isespecially important when you are prompted in an email to review or confirm your account information. If this email does not use the correct URL from IONOS, it is a fake with the purpose of stealing your personal information. You should block the sender and delete the email. Do not enter any information at the fake site.

      Example URL: At first glance, it seems as if it is the real URL of IONOS. If you take a closer look, you will see that after the word and there is an extra letter a.

    • The emails are grammatically correct and contain no spelling mistakes.

    • We show your IONOS Customer ID.

    Special Features of IONOS Invoice Emails

    • The Contract Number is in the subject line.
    • We will address you with your name in the invoice.
    • We show your IONOS Customer ID. This can be found in the box below the actual message.

    Special Features of IONOS Order Confirmation Emails

    • We will address you with your name in the order confirmation.
    • We show your IONOS Customer ID

    IONOS Validation Service

    You can also check the authenticity of IONOS emails easily using our Validation Service.

    Go to the IONOS Validation Service

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