If you are suspicious about an email that looks like it originated from IONOS, you can safely check it for authenticity with our Validation Service. This tool will show you whether the email actually came from us or if it was a phishing attempt.

Using the IONOS Validation Service

To check an email using the Validation Service, you must first save it as a .eml (Webmail) or .msg (Outlook) file. Alternatively, you can also authenticate the email using the email headers. We provide instructions on how to save an email in the .eml or .msg format directly on the Validation Service page.

  • Open the IONOS Validation Service.
  • You have the following options for checking emails from IONOS:
    • Upload the .eml/.msg file by dragging and dropping the email into the dashed field.

      • -OR-
    • Click I want to insert an email header directly, paste the email headers into the corresponding text box, and then click Check.

The Validation Service will confirm If the email is authentic or not. If it is not, you will be given a message suggesting how to proceed. If you suspect that this is a phishing attempt, please report the sender's address to the Google SafeBrowsing team.