Increase Data and Account Security with Strong Passwords

It’s easy to increase the security of your 1&1 IONOS account.

A secure password is especially important for the protection of your IONOS account and your personal data. In addition, your files, emails and other content is optimally secured when you use a strong password.

With the following recommendations and tips you will be creating a secure password and protecting your data from unauthorized access:

  • Use many special characters such as % or &
  • Use a separate password for each account
  • Use a password you cannot find in a dictionary
  • Do not use personal information such as birthdays, names, etc.
  • Do not give your password to third parties
  • Combine different character types such as letters, numbers and special characters

A secure password contains:

  • At least 8 characters
  • Upper and lower case letters: a-z, A-Z
  • Numbers: 0-9
  • Special characters

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