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Valid for Online Stores ordered before 09/20/2017

To add apps to extend the functionality of your Online Store:

Please note: Adding third-party apps may incur additional costs.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and select the relevant contract.

Step 2

In the Online Marketing area, click on Online Store.

Step 3

Click Manage Online Store.

Step 4

From the main menu, choose Apps & Themes > App Store.
All apps that can be added are displayed.

Step 5

Move your mouse over the desired app and click on EXPERIENCE MORE.

Step 6

Add the app to your Online Store:

  • For free apps: Click Install and follow the instructions.
  • For apps with paid features: Click Open. You will be redirected to the website of the app provider. Follow the instructions to purchase the app.

You will receive a code snippet for the added app.

Step 7

To integrate the app into your shop, select Settings > General Settings from the main menu.

Step 8

Click Advanced Settings.

Step 9

Insert the code snippet into the HTML header area field.

Step 10

Click on Save.

The app has been added. Now make sure that the app is displayed and works as desired in your shop.