Uploading a Favicon and Touch Icon to MyWebsite

For the Website Builder and MyWebsite Creator

By using a favicon and a touch icon, you create a greater recognition value for your website. The favicon is a small graphic that is displayed in the browser tab and in the browser favorites. It makes your website unmistakable and increases its recognition value.

The touch icon is a graphic that is displayed for your website on mobile devices when visitors bookmark or add your website to their home screen.

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  • Your favicon has the file extension PNG.

  • Your favicon is 16x16 pixels.
  • Your Touch Icon is 180x180 pixels large
Step 1
Step 2
  • On the main menu, click Settings.

Step 3
  • Under Customize Advanced Settings, click Favicon and Touch Icon.

Step 4
  • Click Browse and upload your favicon and touch icon.

You will get a preview of the uploaded files and the favicon and the touch icon are active.