Creating a New Website with Mobile Website Builder

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Create a website optimized for mobile viewing right from the start.

Visitors to your site can see them on their computers, smartphones and tablets.

Step 1

Log on to the IONOS and select the relevant contract.

Step 2

In the Hosting section, click IONOS Mobile Sitebuilder.

step 3

Start the Mobile Website Builder with Create Mobile Website.

Step 4

Set up your domain. To do this, select New mobile website with form under Source and fill in the fields.

Then enter an existing domain or subdomain under Domain or set up a new subdomain. Then click Submit.

Step 5

The Mobile Website Builders editor opens. Here you can design the website according to your wishes under the tabs Design, Functions and Tools.

Hint: In the Design tab you have the possibility to define the layout and design of your page.

Step 6

Once you have made any changes you want, click Finish.

Step 7

A new page opens. Here you have the possibility to display your website. To do this, go to Display Site.