The IONOS Website Translator translates your MyWebsite Now project into over a hundred languages. The app completely translates the visible content of your website. This article explains how to set it up.


The IONOS website translator app must be activated beforehand. The Help Center article Enhancing MyWebsite Now with MyApps explains how to do this.

Opening the MyWebsite Now Editor

Configuring the IONOS Website Translator


  • Before using IONOS website translator for the first time, you are required to agree to the privacy policy.
  • Your website will be translated into the desired target languages in real time. Therefore, a subsequent change of this translation cannot be made.
  • In the menu bar of the MyWebsite Now editor, click Settings > Website Translations.
  • In the IONOS Website Translator > Widget Settings administration, customize the appearance and behavior of the app.
  • Under the Flag Languages menu item, select the languages that you want to be available for your website.
  • Finish the configuration with the Save changes button. The language widget is now displayed on your website as you configured it.