MyWebsite Now supports you with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically create texts for your website project. This article explains how to generate this content and insert it on your website.

Please Note

Text creation with AI is not included in all MyWebsite Now packages.

Opening the MyWebsite Now Editor

Creating and Inserting AI Texts and AI Headings

The following instructions can be used for heading and text elements:

  • Click Content in the menu bar of the MyWebsite Now editor.
  • Hover your mouse over the details area and add a new text element. The Help Center article Inserting and Editing Content in Your MyWebsite Now explains how to do this.
  • Alternatively: Click on an existing text element.
  • Click the text element you want to use. The Text toolbar appears.
  • Click the AI Text button in the Text tool bar. A new window opens.
  • Fill in the fields on the Generate tab to give the AI as accurate a default as possible.
  • Finish your entries by clicking Generate. The input fields will be cleared and the text field will be filled with AI-generated text.

If you are not satisfied with the generated content, click the Undo button. For a different text variant, go through the step-by-step instructions in this paragraph again with changed inputs.

Section-By-Section Creation of AI Texts and AI Headings

A page in MyWebsite Now usually consists of several sections. With the AI of MyWebsite Now, it is possible to create all texts and headings of a section in one step:

Please Note

Using AI for sections does not work if you have enabled the Flexibility feature for the section. You can recognize an enabled Flexibility Feature when you move your mouse over an element within the section and a square icon appears in the upper-left corner of the element.

To create all texts and headings in a section in one step using AI:

  • Select the desired page through Pages in the menu bar of the MyWebsite Now editor.
  • Click Content in the menu bar.
  • In the Page Content column to the right, select the desired section by clicking on it. The section is outlined with a dashed line.
  • Optional: Add the desired number of text and heading fields in the section.
  • In the Details pane, move your mouse over the upper-left corner and click Section Options in the button that appears.
  • In the AI Content section, fill in the Topic of the Section and Important to Mention fields.
  • Click Generate.
  • Check the content of the generated text after creation.

Setting the Tone of Voice

The tone of voice describes how your text is delivered linguistically. For example, inspirational to cheer up the reader or informative to convey as many technical details as possible.

This setting is also made via the AI Text window. How to access it is described in the section above.

Using the Improve tab, use the Tone of Voice drop-down list to select the desired tone coloration for your text. By default, the new text is about the same as the source text. For texts with a lot of detailed information, the result may be longer.