Valid for Online Stores ordered after September 20, 2017.

Among other payment methods, Apple Pay and Google Pay can be added as a payment method in your IONOS Online Store. This article explains how to set up these services.


Opening Your Online Store

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click Menu > Websites & Shops in the title bar.
  • On the tile with the name of your online store, click the Manage Website button, (Alternatively: Manage Shop).
  • Navigate to the corresponding administration interface depending on the type of online store you are using. This is where you actually edit the website.

Selecting the Payment Method

  • In the menu bar of your Online Store, select the entry Store > Configuration: Payment. In the details area, the different payment options are displayed.
  • Click the Stripe button. Stripe is the payment service that handles Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you haven't set up Stripe yet, the Connect and enable button will be displayed.
  • Establish the connection between your store and Stripe. If you don't have a Stripe user account yet, it can be created during the setup dialog. The successful connection with Stripe is displayed under Shop > Configuration: Payment> Current payment methods.
  • Click the Actions > Edit button on the right side of the Stripe row.
  • For Apple Pay only: Click Apple Pay and Google Pay Settings> Apple Pay: Add domain.
  • Enter your domain name. Note that this must start with"www".
  • Click the Verify uploaded file button. The required verification file has already been automatically added to your Online Store.

Please Note

In order for your customers to use these payment options, the corresponding payment providers have made it necessary to use the internet browsers specified below:

  • Apple Pay: Safari
  • Google Pay: Chrome