IONOS offers different WordPress variants for a variety of usage scenarios. Although all variants are developed on the same basis (WordPress), the associated Help Center articles may differ. Below you will find an overview to help you identify your WordPress variant.

  • You can find the tariff name and creation date of your tariff in your IONOS account(Menu > My Account > Contracts & Subscriptions).
  • The IONOS Customer Support will help you if you are not able to clearly identify your WordPress variant.

Shared Hosting WordPress

You are using an IONOS Web Hosting package. The installation of WordPress has been done via the IONOS app store or an official installation package in your web space. When installing via a WordPress installation package, you have uploaded the files to your web space yourself and created the required database in your IONOS account.

WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress

You are using a WordPress hosting plan that you signed up for after 09/27/2022. The installation was done via a WordPress project in your IONOS account  (Menu > Websites & Shops).

Managed WordPress is an option that automatically keeps your installation up to date - this applies to the main WordPress program, the WordPress theme, all WordPress plugins and PHP.

WordPress tariffs before 09/27/2022

You are using a WordPress tariff that you purchased before 09/27/2022.

WP Pro

Your WordPress installation runs on a dedicated cloud platform. It is managed via the WordPress Toolkit or PLESK.