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IONOS survey reveals Americans support AI for business use, but want AI regulation

Sixty-three percent of Americans are optimistic regarding increased use of AI in business, but 75% want AI to be regulated

Philadelphia, October 26, 2023

IONOS, a leading digitalization partner for small and midsize businesses, today announced the results of a survey of 1,000 Americans regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in business. The data reveals that Americans are becoming more familiar with AI and are embracing its use and potential in business. However, they are also concerned about the risks associated with its adoption, emphasizing the need for a balance between innovation and responsible use, including government regulation. The path forward for AI in America is one of cautious optimism, marked by a growing recognition of its transformative power.

AI awareness, support and momentum are growing

The results illustrate a high level of AI awareness and knowledge among Americans, and that they support its use in business applications. Seventy-one percent of respondents rate their level of AI knowledge as very good to fairly good, and 63% of respondents feel very positive to fairly positive about the increased use of AI in business.

When asked about the advantages of AI in the workplace, respondents cited large to very large advantages in simplifying and speeding up processes (49%), relieving staff of standard tasks (46%), developing creative ideas (46%), and providing support for product development and innovations (43%).

“I am pleased that awareness of AI and its enormous potential is increasing,” said Achim Weiss, CEO, IONOS. “However, there are also reservations that show we still need to build more trust, because one thing is clear: Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important. As a cloud provider, we support our customers with new AI tools and functionalities to use this groundbreaking technology for their business processes. As a strong digitalization partner, IONOS guarantees the security, transparency and data sovereignty of the new services.”

Balancing innovation with responsibility and regulation

Although respondents indicate an acceptance of AI and its use cases in business applications, they also have concerns about AI and believe it has a high risk of misinformation (46%), quality control of content (39%), job losses (36%), not being able to control its influence (38%), and violations of copyright, data security or data protection (39%).

To address these concerns, 75% agree that AI should be regulated by the government for oversight and accountability.

Business use of AI is in its early stages

The results also indicate that AI is in the early stages of business adoption in the United States. Although 42% of respondents use AI at work, only 20% use it frequently, and 40% report they have not yet used AI in the workplace.

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