Would you like to export your data from a Website Builder or IONOS Website Creator?

Exporting Data via sFTP

If you created your website with our Website Builder or IONOS Website Creator, you can export your data with sFTP using the following steps:

  • Look up your sFTP connection details (FTP user name and password).
  • Install an FTP program.
  • Enter your connection data in the FTP program and connect.
  • Download the files.

An overview of your sFTP Connection Details can be found in your IONOS Control Panel:

Log In and Show sFTP Connection DetailsShow sFTP Connection Details

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to download data can be found here.

Exporting a Web Page with External Software

In place of saving each page individually, there are alternative software solutions available, such as with the widely used program HTTRack.

HTTrack creates a working local copy of a website (including CSS, HTML, scripts and images). After opening the site, HTTrack starts a mini web server and a menu interface in the browser. The structure of the site remains fully functional.

You can download and use HTTrack for free.

Please be aware that IONOS does not provide support for the external export options listed above. Please contact the respective provider for support.