For IONOS Web Hosting packages with webspace

Learn what FTP is and how you can use it to securely transfer files.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and has been specially developed for transferring files between computers. This requires an FTP program. In web hosting, FTP is used for uploading or downloading files to your web space. This means that you can transfer the files required for your website, such as HTML files and photos, to the web space using an FTP program.

In order to keep your data secure during file transfers, the SFTP (for Linux hosting) and FTPS (for Windows hosting) variants of FTP should be used. Unlike normal FTP, the connection is secured using SSL encryption.

    Set up Secure FTP Access

    Install an FTP Program

    Install an FTP program on your computer. The choice of FTP program depends on the operating system you are using.

    Save Connection Data in the FTP Program

    To avoid having to re-enter your data every time, it makes sense to save the connection data in the FTP program.

    Upload or Download Files

    Copy files such as photos or web pages from your computer to the web space or ###ONLINE_STORAGE###place in your IONOS hosting package.

    Please Note:

    • The MyWebsite does not have FTP access. Learn more.
    • You have a IONOS domain or IONOS mail contract or another tariff without FTP access? You can switch to a hosting contract at any time to get FTP access.