When you register a domain with IONOS, its DNS Settings are already configured for use with IONOS applications.

Name Servers

Every domain that you register for the first time with IONOS uses the IONOS name servers. For security reasons, IONOS spreads the name server assignments across multiple name servers. IONOS name servers therefore take the following form:

Nameserver 1 ns1ZZZ.ui-dns.de
Nameserver 2 ns1ZZZ.ui-dns.biz
Nameserver 3 ns1ZZZ.ui-dns.org
Nameserver 4 ns1ZZZ.ui-dns.com

ZZZ represents a number between 016 and 126.

A/AAAA-Record (IP Address)

Your domain's IP address automatically points to the product contained in the same contract as your domain – in most cases this is your webspace. For example, if you are using your domain with the MyWebsite product, the default IP address is your MyWebsite.

Please Note

For domains in server packages, the A record for your domain will not automatically point to the IP address of your server. Instead, you must manually add your server's IP address as an A record for your domain.

Alternatively, Plesk users can automatically configure their domain's DNS with Domain Connect. For more information on this process, please see the article Connecting Your Domain to Plesk.

Mail Server

Your domain uses the IONOS mail servers by default. These mail servers let you conveniently configure email addresses from IONOS. The default mail servers are as follows:

Mailserver1 mx00.ionos.com
Mailserver2 mx01.ionos.com

TXT, CNAME, and SRV Records

By default, no TXT, CNAME or SRV records are saved for your domain.

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