If you use HiDrive as a feature of your IONOS contract but then change to a contract that does not include HiDrive, you will no longer have access to your HiDrive data. This article explains how to temporarily regain access to your HiDrive data to back it up.

Also, please note that if you have a standalone HiDrive contract (instead of HiDrive as an add-on to another contract), this situation will not occur and your data will be automatically transferred.

Please Note

The reactivation of HiDrive for the case described here can only be performed by IONOS Customer Service within 30 days after the contract change.

Reactivation Procedure

Contact IONOS Customer Service to reactivate your access to HiDrive, which you previously used as part of an IONOS package, for ten days. During this period, make sure to back up your HiDrive data. After the ten days have expired, access will be automatically blocked again.

Optional: If you want to reuse an email address from the reactivated HiDrive contract in another HiDrive contract, it must be changed in the older contract. To learn how to do this, please see the article Managing HiDrive users.