Using HiDrive

HiDrive cloud storage can be used and accessed in multiple ways. This article gives you an overview of the access options and how to log in in each case.


You have already activated HiDrive.


You can access the HiDrive web app through any browser, regardless of the device (computer, smartphone, etc.) and operating system (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc.) you are using. To log in, you just need your HiDrive username and password.

Network Protocol

The following network protocols are supported by HiDrive:

Certain network protocols are not available in all HiDrive plans. See the article Additional HiDrive Features and Protocols to learn how to enable them.

HiDrive App

A standalone HiDrive app is available for the following devices/operating systems:

  • To obtain the respective desktop version of the app, log in to the HiDrive web application using any browser. Then, click on Download HiDrive in the footer section and select the desired app variant.

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