IONOS creates daily backups of your webspace. In Linux Web Hosting packages, you can restore the backups under the Webspace Recovery option.

Please note: Backups of your webspace are available for a maximum of 6 days.

If you need data backups over a longer period of time, you can also manually create your backups. We have put together various ways for you to do this:

MySQL Database Backups
Backing Up and Restoring Webspace

a) About SFTP

b) About Secure Shell (SSH)

  • Backup data:
    In the following example, a backup with the file name "Backup" + "Date.tar" (e.g. Backup-May-01-2019.tar) is created from the directories " folder1" and " folder2":

tar -cvf Backup-$(date "+%d-%b-%y").tar ./folder1 ./folder2

Tip: You can automate the data backup using a cron job. Make sure you specify the complete path. Replace"/homepages/12/d12345678/htdocs" with your root directory.

# Perform a backup of folder1 and folder2 every Sunday at 03:00
0 3 * * 7 tar -cf /homepages/12/d12345678/htdocs/Backup-$(date "+%d-%b-%y").tar
/homepages/12/d123456789/htdocs/folder1 /homepages/12/d12345678/htdocs/folder2
  • Restore data:
tar -xvf Backup-May-01-2019.tar

Please pay attention to the directory used to create the backup to make sure it is unpacked into the correct directory to overwrite the existing files.