For IONOS Windows hosting with web space

Learn how to transfer files to the web space of your IONOS Windows hosting package with WinSCP.

By uploading or downloading files, you can update HTML files, photos, etc., for example. In Windows hosting, secure FTPS (FTP over SSL) is used for transmission.

Step 1

Start WinSCP.

Step 2

Select your saved FTP connection data or enter it manually. Then click on Login.

Field Input
Transfer protocol FTP
Encryption TLS/SSL Implicit Encryption
computer name The IONOS subdomain can be viewed in the IONOS
Port number 990
User name Your FTPS user name
Password Your FTPS password
Step 3

Wait until the program has established the connection.

The folder structure of your Web space is displayed in the right-hand window. Select a folder to which you want to move the file. Drag the file from the left to the right window.

The file is now on your webspace.

If you want to download files from your web space to your computer, simply do the opposite. Drag files from the right window to the left window to edit them locally, for example.

Please Note:

The number of simultaneous connections should be limited to a maximum of 4 on the Transfer Settings tab.