For Linux Web Hosting packages and Managed Dedicated Servers with shell (SSH) access

Learn how to create and edit files with the vi Editor via SSH.

For example, you can create an .htaccess file or change the configuration file of your CMS.

Step 1

Log in to your web space via SSH.

Step 2

Use the following command to navigate to the desired directory (e.g. the joomla folder).

cd joomla
Step 3

Use the following command to create a file (e.g. an .htaccess file). You can also edit an existing file with the same command.

vi .htaccess
Step 4

Press i on your keybord to switch to input mode.

Step 5

Insert the required content or make the required changes.

Step 6

Press the ESC key on your keyboard to exit the input mode.

Step 7

Save the new file or changes with the following command: