Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, increases the security of your account through an additional level of security. To log in with 2FA enabled, you must enter your password and an additional code supplied to your smartphone.

  • Download the FreeOTP authentication app for iOS or Android. You may use other authenticator apps like Google Authenticator for Android or IOS if you so choose.
  • Access the Two-Factor Authentication page, available in your account settings.
  • If prompted, enter your password to access the 2FA setup.
  • Click Set up 2-factor authentication.
  • Open the FreeOTP app on your smartphone and scan the QR barcode shown on the page.
  • On the Two-Factor Authentication page, click Confirm.
  • Enter the 6-digit code from FreeOTP app in the Enter Code box and click Confirm.
  • You are provided a recovery code for gaining access to your account in the event that you do not have your phone.

Make a note of the recovery code and keep it in a safe place.

If you don't have your phone handy, you can log in to IONOS or the Contract Service with this recovery code. However, this will require setting up Two-Factor Authentication again. Learn more.