Two-Factor Authentication with the IONOS Mobile App

With Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you can effectively secure your IONOS account by making login access possible only after entering two separate credentials. This article explains how to set up two-factor authentication in your IONOS mobile app.

There is also a separate article for Two-Factor Authentication Using the Authenticator App (TOTP). Both authentication types (TOTP/IONOS Mobile App) can be set up at the same time.

  • The activation and use of two-factor authentication with the IONOS Mobile App requires an active internet connection.
  • Two-factor authentication with the IONOS Mobile App can only be used to secure your IONOS account.

Activating Two-Factor Authentication

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Go to My Account > Login & Account Security > 2-Step Verification and click the Set Up Now link in the IONOS Mobile App tile.
  • Go through the activation process. At the end of the activation, you will see a 16-digit recovery code. Keep this code in a safe place. Learn more in the next section, Using the Recovery code.

Perform the following steps on your smartphone:

  • Install the IONOS Mobile app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Log in to the IONOS Mobile App.
  • Follow the app's steps for two-factor authentication. If you did not receive a notification, you can request it again through your IONOS account using the steps above.

Using the Recovery Code

At the end of the activation process as described in the previous section, a 16-digit recovery code is displayed.

This recovery code removes the two-factor authentication from your IONOS account. Therefore, keep and protect the recovery code as sensitively as you would with any other credential.

You should remove the two-factor authentication in the following cases:

  • You have no Internet connection for your smartphone
  • You lost your smartphone (and therefore access to the mobile app)
  • You uninstalled the IONOS mobile app

Please note that the recovery code can only be used once. You can find out how to use the recovery code in the article Deactivating Two-Factor Authentication.

Confirmation Dialog in the IONOS Mobile App is Not Displayed

If you are having trouble receiving the confirmation dialog in the IONOS Mobile App, go to the system settings of your smartphone and make sure you enable notifications for the IONOS Mobile app.

Alternatively, close and reopen the app to trigger the confirmation dialog to display. Please note that an active internet connection must be available for the confirmation dialog to display.