Terms of Contract Cancellation

Here you can find out what terms are to be observed if you would like to cancel your contract with IONOS.

  • Within the first 14 days after receipt of your order, you can make use of the revocation period. When this period is exceeded, a revocation is no longer possible.
  • If you are not satisfied with the product and would like to cancel your IONOS contract within the first month, you can do so and profit from our money back guarantee.  
  • You can cancel your IONOS contracts at any time. However, compliance with the minimum contract term is a prerequisite. If you wish to terminate on the specified date of the contract term, you must generally comply with a predefined notice period.

You can find information on the predefined period of notice in the General Terms and Conditions. As a rule, you may cancel your contract up to one month prior to the expiration of the minimum contract term. Cancellations received later will take affect after the next minimum term. More information on how to cancel your contract is available in the article Cancelling an IONOS Contract.

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