With a Google business profile, you control what is displayed about your company in Google Search and on Google Maps. This article explains how to link List Local with a Google business profile.


Create a new Google company profile with List Local

When you use List Local for the first time, a setup wizard will guide you through the initial steps. You have the option of creating a Google Business profile during this setup.

Connect existing Google company profile

If you have already set up a Google business profile, skip the corresponding step in the setup wizard.

A Google company profile that has already been set up is usually recognized automatically when the Google entry is linked with the List Local main menu> Entries.

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • In the title bar, click on Menu > Online Marketing > Tile List Local: Open. List Local opens in a new window.
  • Click under Entries > Google tile: Connect.
  • Log in with your Google user data.
  • Allow the Local Listing Connector access to your Google account.

The prerequisite for this is that the company data is not too different. However, if a second entry is created for an identical company, please contact IONOS Customer Support.

No confirmation options available

After you have submitted your List Local data to a Google company profile, it still needs to be verified. If no verification options are displayed, e.g. email or postcard, you can start this process again:

  • Go to Google Business Profile Help.
  • Enter the terms "verify location" in the search field from step 1 (What can we help you with).
  • Under the refinement options offered, tick No confirmation option available.
  • Click Next step twice. You have reached step 3.
  • Click on Tile: Email > Check confirmation status.

Delete Google company profile

Like all other directory entries, the Google Business Profile is not automatically deleted when the List Local contract ends.

If you no longer want your entry to appear in Google results, log in to your Google Business Profile with your Google access data and set your entry to "permanently closed".