Connecting List Local to Your Google Business Profile

With a Google Business Profile, you control what is displayed about your company in Google Search and on Google Maps. This article explains how to link List Local with a Google Business profile.


Connecting with a Google Business Profile

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click on the Online Marketing tile. Then, click Open in the List Local tile. List Local opens in a new tab.
  • In the Directories > Google tile, click Connect.
  • Log in with your Google user credentials.
  • Allow the Local Listing Connector to access your Google account.

No Verification Options Available

After you have submitted your List Local data to a Google Business profile, it still needs to be verified. If no verification options are displayed, such as through email, you can start this process again:

  • Go to the Google Business Profile Help.
  • In the search box "Tell us what we can help with", enter the terms "verify location".
  • Under the suggested search results presented, click on No way to verify is offered.
  • Click Next Step twice. This will bring you to step 3.
  • Click on the Email tile and select Check your verification status.