Changing the Plesk Activation Code

Learn how to change the activation code in Plesk Obsidian.

  • You have cloned a server that has Plesk Obsidian installed.


  • You have installed a server using an image that includes Plesk Obsidian.

  • You have enabled port 8443 in the firewall policy assigned to the server.
  • You have already configured Plesk Obsidian.

Note About Plesk Obsidian Activation Code

  • Log in to the Cloud Panel.

  • Select the desired server.

  • In the Licenses section, click Plesk Obsidian (Unlimited Domains).

  • Make a note of the Plesk Obsidian activation code.

Changing the Plesk Obsidian License Key

  • In the left navigation bar, click Tools & Settings.

  • In the Plesk section, click License Management.

  • In the Plesk License Key tab, click Install Key.

  • Enter the activation code.

  • Click OK.

The Plesk Obsidian license key has now been updated.