Block storages provide additional storage space that you can use in conjunction with your IONOS Cloud Server. Each block of storage is made with an SSD, the size of which you can specify individually. Since block storages are treated as individual units of data storage, they are suitable for storing files, databases, or log files, for example.

Access to a block of storage is only possible if you assign it to a Cloud Server. Each block of storage can only be assigned to one Cloud Server. If you need additional storage space for your Cloud Server, you can adjust the size of the block storage at any time, or alternatively, you can create additional ones.

Please Note

Block storages must be set up separately for each data center. For example, if you have set up a Cloud Server in a data center in the US, you can only assign block storages to this server that are hosted in the same data center.

Notes on Configuration

When you create a block of storage and assign it to a Cloud Server, you must customize the disk configuration in your server's operating system. You also need to adjust the data configuration if you subsequently change the size of a block storage. Depending on your operating system, data configuration may also be required when you assign one block of storage to another.

If you have combined the boot partition and block storage into one volume and delete the block storage or assign it to another server, inconsistencies may occur in the file system. Therefore, before deleting or assigning a block storage, make sure that the data on it is not required by an application and that the block storage is not part of a volume.