In this article, we'll show you how to enable two-factor authentication for the Cloud Backup product.

Before you can enable immutable storage, the first step is to enable two-factor authentication and then configure it for the specific user account. To do this, follow the steps below.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication for All Accounts

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click Menu > Server & Cloud in the title bar. If you have multiple server contracts, select the Server & Cloud contract you want.

  • In the navigation bar on the left, click Backup > Backup Package.

  • To open the Backup Console, click the Access to Backup Console link in the Backup Management section, either in the Europe section or in USA section.

    The Backup Console opens.

  • Click Manage Account in the upper-left corner.

  • Click Settings > Security.

  • Enable the two-factor authentication option. To do this, move the switch to the right. The Enable two-factor authentication... window then opens.

  • Click Enable.

  • Then, log out.

Configuring Two-Factor Authentication for an Account

  • Log in to the backup console using your user account.

  • Install either the Google Authenticator app or Microsoft Authenticator on your mobile device or computer.

  • Open the Authenticator app and scan the QR code that appears.

  • To complete the setup, enter the six-digit code displayed in your authenticator app on the web page displayed in your browser.

  • On the web page displayed in your browser, click Next.

  • Read and save the instructions for 2FA recovery.

  • Two-factor authentication is now enabled for the backup account that was set up in the Backup Console.

Additional Information

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