This article explains which servers can be backed up with a backup package and which backups are supported.

With a backup package, you can back up and restore your Virtual Private Server, VPS, Cloud Server, or Dedicated Server. You can create either full backups or backups of disks, volumes, files, folders, and databases.

Your backups are managed from the backup console. To perform backups, you must install the Backup Agent and register the server in the Backup Console. For this process, root access to the server is required.

Please Note

The backup package cannot be used to back up Managed Cloud hosting projects.

The Backup Console offers you a variety of configuration options for your backups. When configuring a backup plan, you can specify, for example, whether the entire server, individual drives, or individual files are to be backed up. You can also use the Backup Console to define a schedule. When configuring the schedule, you can specify the desired retention period and compression level for your backups. In addition, you can optionally activate encryption for your backups. You can activate these either during the creation of a new schedule or later when a schedule has already been created. You can choose between the following encryption algorithms:

  • AES 128 - Backups are encrypted using 128-bit encryption with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

  • AES 192 - Backups are encrypted using 192-bit encryption with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

  • AES 256 - Backups are encrypted using 256-bit encryption with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

You can map complex backup routines by configuring multiple backup plans.