Please note that you will need at least 1 GB of RAM in your server to restore a full server backup. Otherwise, the backup recovery will fail. To restore a backup from a cloud server with 0.5 GB RAM, we recommend that you temporarily increase the RAM to 1 GB. After restoring the backup, you can reduce the cloud server memory to 0.5 GB RAM again.


A temporary increase in memory is only possible with a cloud server. If you want to restore a full server backup of a Virtual Server (VPS) with 0.5 GB of RAM, you can either download only the files you want to restore or restore the backup to another server.


The storage capacity of the SSD cannot be reduced afterwards.

If you select a fixed configuration with a higher SSD storage capacity, you cannot switch to a fixed configuration with a lower SSD storage capacity. For this reason, select the Flex package and only increase the RAM.

To change the configuration of your server:


You are in the Cloud Panel Infrastructure > Server area.

  • Activate the desired server.

  • Click Actions > Customize.

  • Select the Flex configuration and increase the memory to 1 GB.

  • To change the configuration, click Customize Server.

The configuration of the server is adjusted. Now you can restore the backup in the backup console. You can then reduce the cloud server's memory to 0.5 GB again.