This article describes how to install the Backup Agent for Windows on a server.

  • You already created a server in the Cloud Panel.
  • You activated a backup package.
  • If you are using a firewall to control outgoing traffic, you will need to open ports 443, 8443, 7770 -7800, and 44445 in that firewall.

  • If you only use the firewall that is in your IONOS account, you do not need to open the above-mentioned ports.

  • Log in to the server as an administrator using Remote Desktop.

  • Open your browser and log in to the Cloud Panel.

  • Click Backup > Backup Package.

  • In the Management > Backup Agent for Servers section, click Download Agent in the Windows row.

  • Select the desired location for your backups.

  • Click Download.
    The Backup Agent Installer will begin downloading.

  • In the search bar located in the Windows taskbar, type the word Powershell.

  • Right-click Powershell and select Run as Administrator.

  • Navigate to the directory where the Backup Agent Installer is located.
    C:\ cd /Users\Administrator\Downloads


Use the command cd to open the desired directory. 

To open a directory on the current drive, enter the following command:
cd /[PATH]

cd /Users\Administrator\Downloads

To access a directory located on another drive, enter the following command:

cd [d/] [DRIVE:] [PATH]


cd d/ d:\Programs

To change to the parent directory, enter the following command:


  • Display the contents of a directory. To do this, enter the following command:

  • To run the Backup Agent Installer, enter the following command::

    Backup Agent Installer for Europe:
    Backup Agent Installer for the US:

The Backup Agent for Windows is now successfully installed.

Please Note

If registration of the server fails, follow the steps in the guide below: