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If you delete backups and the occupied disk space is not displayed correctly afterwards, the following causes may occur:

  • The calculation of the occupied memory space is delayed so that the memory space is only displayed correctly after a few hours.

  • If you delete individual recovery points from an archive, the disk space is not freed. Instead, these areas are marked as "free" and overwritten with the next backups of this backup plan.

  • Incomplete backups may take up disk space, but are not displayed in the backup console. These incomplete backups are kept so that the aborted backups can be resumed at a later time. If this is not necessary, you can delete the incomplete backups directly from the backup console.

  • If you delete a server in the Devices section of the Backup Console, backups from that server are not automatically deleted. The backups continue to occupy disk space and are no longer displayed in the backup console after the server is deleted. If you have not yet deleted the server in the Cloud Panel, register the server again in the backup console. You can then delete the existing backups manually. If you have already deleted the server in the Cloud Panel, you must delete the backup package in the Cloud Panel in the Backup > Backup package section to free up the storage space.

    Please note: If you delete the backup package, all backups created with the backup package will also be deleted.