All actions performed by users in the Cloud Panel are recorded in the Management > Logs section.

To view the log entries, select the desired time period in the time period section and click Apply.

The log entries will be listed in a table. This table lists the following information:

Time:  Time when the action started.

Status: Last status of the action.

Type: Specifies the section of the Cloud Panel, in which the action was performed.

Action: Action performed.

Name: Name of the server / shared storage / load balancer / function impacted by the action.

User: User who executed the action.

Duration: Duration of action.

To display all data, click the desired action. The list includes the following additional data:


  • Start: Time when the action started.

  • End: Time when the action was completed.

ID: ID of the action.

Details: Lists various parameters related to the action performed.