Check Hard Disk for Bad Sectors

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For Dedicated Server Linux without Hardware Raid

In this article you will learn how to check your Dedicated Server Linux hard disk for bad sectors.

To avoid data loss, it is advisable to check your server's hard drives from time to time for bad sectors. You can do this with the Baadblocks help software.

Please note: If you use a hardware raid on your server, please use the monitoring software of the controller manufacturer.

Step 1

Log in to your server via SSH.

Step 2

Execute the command

fdisk -l 

off. The output gives information about all hard disks.

step 3

With the command

badblocks -o Dateiname -vs Festplattenbezeichnung

If you test your hard disk in read-only mode, you are sure that no data will be lost during the test. The test result is saved in a file.

Step 4

If you want to perform a write test, start your server in rescue mode and enter the following:

badblocks -o Dateiname -nvs Festplattenbezeichnung 

Please note: Never use the -n option, this can lead to data loss.

Please download the file with the test results from your server via FTP, as it will not be preserved with a regular rebot.

Step 5

If you find bad sectors during one of these tests, perform a backup of your data. Then contact support and request a hard disk replacement.