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For Dedicated Server Linux

Being the administrator of a server means, besides all freedoms, to be solely responsible for the security on the server. Because as a server operator you are the only one with full administration access. Security is a particularly important issue in the server area, as these are usually available 24/7 and are therefore constantly exposed to potential attacks.

Be informed

When new security vulnerabilities are found, they are published on manufacturers' sites, mailing lists and various news sites on the Internet.

As a rule, it is sufficient to visit the vendor page of your Linux distribution regularly and read the mailing lists. This way you can find out about possible security holes in your system.

Manufacturer Pages:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Security Announcements and Support

SUSE Linux Enterprise Patch Support DataBase (PSDB)

Debian Security Information

Mailing lists:

openSUSE mailing list

Debian Mailing Lists

Keep server software up to date

Remember to perform regular system and software updates.