Monitor Areca Hardware RAID on Windows Server

For Windows Dedicated Servers

This article explains how to get informed about the status of your raid via email.

Stay updated about the current status of your raid, so that you can react quickly if a problem should occurs.

The Areca raid controllers already include a corresponding notification function. You can set this up using the ArcHTTP utility provided by Areca.

Configure ArcHTTP

  • Download the latest version of the ArcHTTP software and install it on your server.

  • Start ArcHTTP and open localhost:81 in your browser. You should be able to see the ArcHTTP configuration page.

  • For security reasons, we recommended setting the Binding-IP to For now, you can keep the other settings unchanged.

  • Open the mail configuration by clicking Mail Configuration below System Functions.

  • Here you configure the notification function:

    In the SMTP Server IP Address field, enter the SMTP server to be used for sending. For example (if you are running a local mail server).

    In the Mail Address Configuration section, enter the sender address together with the access data.

    In the Event Notification section, you can now specify up to four destination addresses and define an event level for each one separately. The default setting is Warning Error Notification.

Test run

Once you have completed the mail configuration, you can start a test run by creating a test event.

  • Call the Raid Console via localhost:82 and log in with the user name Admin. The default password is 0000 (you can change it under: Modify Password).

  • Generate the test event by clicking Generate Test Event under System Controls and confirm the process.