Booting a Linux Server into the Rescue System

For Linux Dedicated Servers acquired before 10/28/2018, Value Server Deals and Value Dedicated Servers

This article explains how to boot a Dedicated Server into the Linux rescue system.

With the Linux rescue system, you can log in to your server even if it is no longer accessible over the network. The rescue system is an important tool to diagnose and repair your system installation.

Please Note

Using the rescue system requires basic knowledge of Linux server administration. If you use the rescue system and the functions it contains improperly, this can lead to the inaccessibility of your server and/or to data loss!

Dedicated Servers Purchased Before 10/28/2018, Server Power Deals, and Value Dedicated Servers

To boot your Dedicated Server into the rescue system, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to IONOS.
  • Click the Server & Cloud tile. If required, select the desired Server & Cloud contract.

  • In the Server Administration section, click Recovery Tool.

  • Enable the Run reboot immediately option.

  • Select the desired rescue system.

  • The bit designation (32 or 64) of the rescue system must match that of the server operating system!

  • Linux mini rescue systems are optimised for use with older servers with 1 GB RAM or less. They contain fewer software packages and it is not possible to install additional packages.

  • To avoid problems during the boot sequence, you should always boot from normal mode to rescue mode. If the server is already in rescue mode, boot into normal mode first. When the reboot into normal mode is complete, then you can reboot into the rescue system.

  • Click Next.

Please Note

For security reasons, a temporary password will be assigned. This password is only displayed once. It is required to establish a connection to the rescue system. Make sure you make a note of this password!

  • Click OK.

  • The server is being booted into the rescue system. This process can take up to 10 minutes. 

  • Click To Overview.

  • To view the current status of the server, click Update.

Using Linux Rescue System

You can find instructions for Linux rescue system here:

Working with the Linux Rescue System