Resetting the Administrator Password Using the Windows Rescue System (Windows Dedicated Servers)

For Dedicated Servers acquired after 10/28/2018

This article explains how to reset the administrator password of your Windows Dedicated Server using the Windows Rescue System.

  • You are in the Infrastructure > Server section.

Boot Server into the Windows Rescue System

  • Activate the desired server.

  • Click Actions > Restart.

  • Activate the Rescue System option.

  • Click Yes. The server will boot into the rescue system.

  • To log into the rescue system on your server, click the Start VNC Console link.

The VNC Console window opens.

Open VNC console

  • Click Start VNC Console.

  • Select the desired keyboard layout.

Change the Administrator Password

  • To access the troubleshooting tools, click Troubleshoot > Microsoft ® Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset.

  • Select the operating system installed on the server.

  • In the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset window, select Locksmith.

  • Click Next.

  • In the Account field, select the Microsoft Windows account you want to use.

  • Enter the new password in the New Password field and repeat it.

  • Click Next.

  • Click Finish and the new password will be saved.

  • Click Close.

  • Switch to the Cloud Panel.

  • Click Actions > Restart. The Restart Server window appears. The Current operating system method is activated in this window.

  • Click Yes.

The server is restarted. You can then log on to the server with the new password.